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Papakura District Councillor Glenn Archibald has always opposed the franchise agreement with United Water. Since 1997 he has done research into how United Water calculates its waste water charges to verify if they were in accordance with the Franchise Agreement.

With three years historic figures, Mr Archibald believes he has identified a mayor part of the three monthly accounts for each and every customer of United Water that should be disputed, until United Water can publicly show that each "Sewer: Reception and Treatment Charge (Watercare)" complies with the Franchise Agreement. After various approaches as to the composition of the "Sewer: Reception and Treatment Charge (Watercare)", Mr Archibald's best available figures leave big question marks over the tariffs charged to date.

To avoid each resident having to take up this matter with United Water individually, Mr Archibald has designed a letter (see below) that can be used to authorise him to act on a customers behalf in dealing with United Water. After signing, a copy of the letter will also be distributed to various others, as indicated at the bottom of the letter (see below).

Mr Archibald will be holding clinics every Saturday morning from 9.30am to 1pm to discuss and explain United Water's bills. He will also explain what part of the bill he considers United Water to be overcharging. After signing the letter, residents can pay the correct amount due to Mr Archibald, which he will then pass on, together with the signed letter, to United Water. Alternatively, residents can drop it off at United Water's office themselves.

Open Letter in Word 97 Format.doc              Open Letter in Word 95 Format.doc